New user cards and user profile page design deployed

I just committed a couple of patches to master for this stuff, should be up soon.

we have a garbage problem.

We could just remove the Profile button, under the assumption that people know to click the name / avatar to get the full user page?

This is now done. Get to profile by clicking / tapping the big user avatar or name on the expanded card.

@eviltrout group info is not shown on the full user page, but should be… somewhere. Maybe in the key/value pairs at the bottom of the about me? Just comma delimited list of groups maybe?

How does one make a badge capable of doing this? I though it would be by enabling “Allow badge to be used as a title” but that didn’t work.

Look for the User Card Badge section in User Preferences. It is right below the space where you can enter in your web site URL.

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Yes, I see that, but all I see is <none> in the drop-down list; no badges, which is why I asked my question about how to make a badge capable of appearing in this list.

AFAIK not all Badges can be used as titles (go to their pages and look for the checkmark at the right next to allow as title)

“regular” should be available to use
as is

But in terms of the “User Badge Card” glyph, I’m not seeing those similar in my Preferences either
A WIP or in need of clarification?

You have to set the Badge Image property (on the Badge itself) for it to be enabled on the User Card.

Thanks, that worked.

Perhaps it’s a different topic, but that could use some clarification, as there’s no clarification in the UI about the difference between “Icon” and “Image” and what “Image” is used for (e.g., user card).

Yeah, the admin UI for this needs improvement. “User card display image” maybe?

Still have image overlapping buttons (/latest page, click on eviltrout’s avatar)

Why does the badge image have to be that large? Twice the size of the badge icon seems fair to me… I’m not sure it needs to be 10 times the size.

I am not sure about the size either. But it’s weird that the button appears so low. Shouldn’t it be at the top? Will look into that.

I don’t feel too strongly about it, as I don’t see our community using them, so consider it more curiosity than anything else (trying to see the other side’s point of view). I’m more looking for the motivation of having it larger than the badge icon, why doesn’t the icon get blown up too (more so than it is right now)?

Agreed, keep in mind if there are any scenarios that show 3 buttons there, the issue will persist. :frowning:

This is weird, I tried to reproduce it but the card looks like this to me:

I looks OK for me using Firefox

It looks like a “float left” issue in whatever browser @cpradio was using

Chrome 38 on Windows 7 pro

On Chrome Version 38.0.2125.111 m, Win 7 pro, all “important” updates, I get this image:
If I view with IE 11.0.9600.17358, Same system, things are where they are expected to be.

@cpradio, @eviltrout: I actually kind of like the garbage bag flowing over the buttons, as long as it does not make them unreadable.

And, of course, @cpradio is using the same browser I am. Awesome ninja skills!

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Happens on Chrome 38 on Windows 7 Home Premium too

For whatever reason, the following is what is pushing it down, when I strike it out, it goes to the correct top position

ul, ol, dd { 
   margin: 0 0 9px 25px;