New user cards and user profile page design deployed

Definitely fixed it on my work machine :smile:

Also on my system. Didn’t even restart my chrome.

Yeap this worked for me too.

Just trying to keep track of the remaining tasks or discussion points in this thread.

Currently I see two remaining (feel free to correct me).

##Fade for overflow text

Yes, fade is the way to go - I really don’t like ellpisis - they don’t seem clear enough.
This kind of thing can be seen on mobile when viewing the Google Play Store - the thing I like about this is the “Read more” - nice and obvious.

##Group membership visibility

My admins and moderators had gotten used to using the User Cards to view if a member was in the “full member” group - as this affects how users are replied to. Is this coming back to the User Cards?
Also as the group names don’t “look nice” i.e. “full_member_13_14” vs “Full Member 2013-2014” are there any plans for “nice display names” for groups?