New users not getting welcome message

I’m still in bootstrap mode (slowly gaining a couple users I don’t know each day!). I preferred a welcome message over the tutorial, but I included a link to the tutorial, as well as a link to a member introduction. But it does not seem to be sending to new members.

Here are my settings:
[check] Enable Discourse Narrative Bot (discobot)
[uncheck] Disable the welcome post by Discourse Narrative Bot
Welcome post type - send new users a welcome message + quick start guide
discourse narrative post delay - 0

I thought it sent 1 welcome message previously, but I no longer see that in the emails sent. I just changed the delay to 5, hopefully that fixes the issue.

I’m debating on turning the tutorial back on anyways, though when it was on most didn’t go through it. But I’ve had 2 users so far not know how to post. :man_shrugging: I also want to encourage the members intro post right away as well.

EDIT: I added a couple more users and I noticed under Emails-Skipped, it shows the private message was skipped because the user was seen recently. Maybe there’s a way I can turn that off while still under 50 users, to make sure they get the message. And I think after I’m out of bootstrap mode, it’ll message once they hit trust level 1?

So you want to force people to get emails for every notification? I’m not entirely following.

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Here’s where I get a little confused, as sometimes in the settings an email is really a PM.

Under Customize>Email>Welcome User, that template is sent as a PM (not an email) to users when they sign up(or maybe when they reach level 1, but I haven’t cracked 50 yet), per the setting “welcome post type.” But then I noticed under Emails>skipped, it says under email type (user_private_message) was skipped because “user was seen recently.”

So I think I understand that they are not getting an email saying they have the Welcome User PM, as they just signed up they should have seen it. And I understand, you don’t want to nag users, I think that’s wise. I’m not sure how to check if users viewed their PM.

But I want to put a big flashing light on it, so people start to understand how to use it and to introduce themselves. Of the 30 users so far, only a few have maybe attempted the tutorial (when that was default, no one completed), and 2 people asked how to post/reply.

I do see some engagement when the digest goes out, at least some people are interested in the activity. Maybe many musicians are just old school, and I’ll have to pull them into modern forum software.

I changed the email time limit to 5m and the welcome post delay just over 5m. Most users are just signing up and leaving, so hopefully there’s a nudge to see what PM they missed. I’ll revert those to default once there’s more users and actual discussion.

Right, Discourse won’t mail someone if any of their devices have touched the website in the last (x) minutes – we consider that a double notification.

Check your user preferences around email, you can force more user mails if you want, even as defaults – but this will also get your domain blocked as a spammer pretty quick in our experience.

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