New World Sunsetting Community Forums

Moving all community communication to Discord. The Reddit and Forum response seems very apprehensive.

Discord is going to triple down on this and approach every enterprise client with the same prospect.

How do we feel about this? Open for discussion.

Yeah, it’s a shame, but for some audiences it may make sense.

I’m curious to know what makes you think this?


Well — I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume Discord wants communities congregating and communicating on their platform. More opportunity to upswell users on their subscriptions offerings. At the enterprise level, they want the same opex you want. Discord has made clear in recent years their desire to meet market demands outside of gaming and beyond direct to consumer.

Companies are not Zucking around as they look at internal efficiencies right now. Managing a Discord community and vanilla forums community, as an example, may require more resources — efficient?

It would be, from my perspective, shortsighted to not consider them a direct competitor.

While I personally believe forums and Discord serve different community demands — I acknowledge I might be totally wrong.

We definitely consider them a competitor, but competition is healthy. :slight_smile:

I was actually asking what made you think that Discord approached them?


Because if I was in Business Development @ Discord — that’s what I would do.

Obviously I’m speculating but my naivety leaves me super confident in my intuition lol


How would this even work? I find Discord a black hole for information. Stuff gets out of sight, out of mind real quick, notification fatigue is reached in minutes and a “server” isn’t a server you own/host, no control over that like you do on Discourse.


I used New World’s forum one year ago (I played the game and liked chopping trees). Most of the content was a huge, neverending war between users. In this context, moving the community to another platform where information is transient might make sense for them if they couldn’t manage the issues. :person_shrugging:


i agree. i wonder if discord is developing better ways to organize non-realtime coms. Frankly I can hardly find anything with their search.


They’re working on more forum-like features, their current implementation of forum channels heavily emphasizes search for example:

This feature isn’t very popular yet, but they seem to be actively working on it.

This is different than making the content indexable by search engines of course… but I’ve also been finding it harder than ever to find actual discussions via Google… so unfortunately that might not be as big of a downside as it used to be.

If someone can’t find support or information publicly on Google and a company has a Discord… that’s great news for Discord.

I’ve run into a similar frustration with Twitter, until the past week people without an account could search tweets, but they’ve added an account gate: Twitter search is now only available to registered users | Mashable — Google does not index Twitter’s content nearly well enough to replicate using Twitter’s search.


I saw this in a server I joined recently. We’ll see how it develops. Leaves a lot to be desired as is.


Google’s usefulness has been going downhill for years.