Newbie question on increasing disk size

I’m a discourse admin suddenly plunged into working through hosting problems.

I think this question is slightly beyond the scope of discussions here, as it is pretty hand-holdy, but I suspect it will be a no-brainer for most here, so I’m hoping someone will agree to give me some pointers.

I’ve got a CoreOS Container Linux running on Linode (which I have access to - both inside and out, so to speak). And the 25GB disk size forced me into a ./launcher rebuild app --skip-prereqs, which was nerve-racking and I’d like to avoid the next time.

Question 1: if I shut down the VM, and then resize the disk from the Linode web interface, will Linux, and Docker, ‘discover’ the extra disk space automatically, or are there some commands that need to be executed?

Question 2: CoreOS shouts at me at every login about being EOL. Is there an relatively idiot-proof way to upgrade to something else without killing Discourse? Where/what should I search for more guidance?

I am not familiar with CoreOS but from reading you can increase the size in Linode and reboot your instance. This will then grow the partition automatically and discourse will see the extra space.

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Thanks for this. I’d be interested in following up on your source(s). I want to be sure that this works if the disk is the one the OS and Discourse are running on, and not just an extra data disk (there’s a difference because data disks can be resized ‘live’).

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