News Plugin 📰

  1. It’s missing bold and italic.

  2. “Read more…” for big news.

Maybe: 3. Show the replies (but this is a trick one, according to Angus, so I gave up when we discussed the plugin)

This one is something I want:

  1. Show like button in the bottom of the post/news for members react to it. Also total of replies. Giving it
    a Facebook/Twitter feed style.

Count on me on this one, @angus. I want to continue co-sponsoring it.


Hey @angus, count me in!
I approve the option to limit the quantity of words, like in the Topic Preview plugin (where the admin can set the number of words to be displayed).
If possible, can we option to don’t display the pinned topics in the list? Because any pinned topic always are show priot to new posts (or I have done something wrong?). Or, maybe, an option to show pinned topics in a second column.
The category of the post would be a nice addition, too.
How can I contribute?


Ok! So far we have the following features requested

  1. Add RSS feeds as a source
  2. Add multiple source categories (this was also requested by @Rojoss)
  3. Add a “Featured” news item
  4. Add better formatting support (e.g. bold and italic)
  5. Add a character limit for excerpts.
  6. Add a like button
  7. Add total replies
  8. Filter all pinned topics (not just the about topic)
  9. Show the category of the post

And so far we have @Hiryuu, @Merlls_Rizzini and @Jeremie_Leroy willing to sponsor development.

I’ve created a money pool for folks to formally register their sponsorship for this effort.


The minimum sponsor amount is USD $200. The maximum pool amount is USD $1500, so if you’d like to participate, now’s your chance.

Sponsors for this effort get:

  1. A say over the final feature list for the upgrade
  2. Assistance with installation and administration of the plugin on their site
  3. Assistance on any minor issues with the plugin for the next 6 months

Angus, I’m not able to participate cause I’m from Brazil and it’s not available here. :frowning:


See you PMs.


Strange! If the pool doesn’t work, you can send me a contribution here and I’ll add it in manually.

Also, with the features you pm’d me, if you could add them in a short list here (hide the pics using the ‘details’ feature so the post isn’t huge :wink: ). That way other folks can see what is potentially on the agenda. Thanks!

  1. Add better formatting support (e.g. bold and italic)
  2. Add a character limit for excerpts.
  3. Add a like button

You already listed them here.


Same “problem” with me, I’m from Brazil too.
Gonna talk with the other admins of the forum we run to see if anyone think about any other feature to be add.


O dólar todo dia aumentando tá um saco, né… :sweat_smile:


Send your contribution to me directly and I’ll add it in. Just make sure you tag the transaction as for the News Plugin.

We’re getting close to the target already. If you have features you want for this plugin, now’s your chance.



Great and very promising plugin, made also one quick mockup for layout ideas. Multiple tags option would be also nice and useful, what could be considered:


That looks a lot like Topic List Previews ‘tiles’ view :thinking:


You’re already can have something similar as merefield said.


One thing that’s not a feature, but something more pleasing to the eyes… there’s a way to make the link be highlighted when we hover the cursor, like the others?



For round 2 of work on this plugin we so far have

Feature List

  1. New feed sources:
    • RSS
    • More than one category
  2. Display options:
    • A ‘featured’ news item
  3. Format and layout improvements:
    • Formatting support
    • Character limit
  4. New functionality
    • Like button
    • Total replies
    • Category of the post
  5. Other improvements
    • Filter pinned topics
    • Highlight news link on hover

An additional item requested by @Jeremie_Leroy is implementing the Topic List Previews Tiles layout in the news feed. @Jeremie_Leroy I’ll see how it goes with the other items on the list, and if there is time to add this as an additional feature in this round of work I’ll do so.


So far:

Sponsors, if there’s anything on the above feature list you don’t want to use on your site, let me know now and I’ll make a site setting to turn it off when building the feature.

If you’d like to help sponsor this plugin and / or have a specific feature request, you have until Friday to get on board this round of work.

*edit this round is now closed.


@angus thank for doing this. I am waiting for the day its release

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Item 1 of v0.2 of this plugin has been pushed. Details here: News Plugin v0.2 - Tasks - Pavilion

cc @Jeremie_Leroy @Merlls_Rizzini @Hiryuu


Another update on v0.2 work has been published here: News Plugin v0.2 - Tasks - Pavilion

cc @Jeremie_Leroy @Merlls_Rizzini @Hiryuu


We’re getting close to finishing the v0.2 work on this plugin. There’s a full update here:

@Merlls_Rizzini and @Hiryuu, I’ll need your advice on some items there to finish it off! Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Angus, the topic’s content is not showing here, only the title.

Oldest topics are showing also above newest topics in the timeline.

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@angus, is this correct? Check line #11:

The blank line 10 is correct?

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