What is the correct setting to silence a new user and send first post to a queue?

Getting a lot of spam recently and am trying to get everyones first post to go to some queue like the spam queue.

what would be the best way to do this? It seems a better solution than approving accounts, as new users would get invested in their first post.

also the spammer was able to get around the link blocking by putting links in topic titles, not sure if there’s a way to combat that too

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You could try setting the approve unless trust level and approve new topics unless trust level site settings to 1. That will cause all posts created by Trust Level 0 users to go to the review queue.


You could set the min trust to post links site setting to 1. This will prevent Trust Level 0 users from posting links, and also prevent them from creating topics by pasting a link into the title area.



did that and it didn’t stop him from putting a link in topic title unfortunately

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so I implemented your fix and it looks like a trust-level-0 spammer is restricted from doing everything except liking posts, is there a way to restrict that too?

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