NGINX module advice

We are required to install a Signal Sciences OS agent and a web server module to out Discourse server.

So, our approach is to install both the agent and the nginx module in the discourse container.

We have seen that NGINX is compiled with the brotli module. We dont have Signal Sciences sources. So we managed to add both modules by compiling dynamic modules and loading them in nginx config file.

As you can see, i think this is getting nasty and we want to avoid breaking things. Currently, we are thinking what would be the best approach to integrate these changes:

  1. Creating another docker image?
  2. Running scripts through a template?

Has anybody tried to add a nginx module before?

Any advice is very welcome (even those saying im totally wrong), thanks!

Can’t you run another nginx in the host with those modules?


Actually, that was our first idea. I’m not sure why we dropped this. I’ll check.


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