Nginx Performance Report plugin incompatible with development environment setup script

I stumbled upon a ruby version issue when setting up a Discourse development environment.

The install script that the beginners guide links to installs Ruby 2.2.3 here

However this code uses syntax that’s only compatible from Ruby 2.3

This resulted in a syntax error for me when running the initial DB setup steps locally.

Either we need to change the version in the script to install 2.3 or change the code in that file.


Discourse is 2.3 only. Can you link the guide that links to techAPJ guide so we can fix?


Looks like the Guide is fine, it’s just that the

Here is the Guide here that points to the mac install script.

The Linux Version correctly includes ruby_version="2.3.0"

Should I submit a PR? Seems silly for 3 characters, or maybe it’s easier to click “accept”.

Well, here it is anyway:


Thanks for bringing this in my notice! :thumbsup:

Bumped the Ruby version of Mac install script.