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Hiya All,

I’ve just been doing a lot of replying as a user in a Discourse Based Forum and today i used the “Chain” Link style share option to link to a topic now this post when i pressed the share button it give me several share options on my device but i used the “Copy Link To Clipboard” Option which created a link with my username on the end like a referral link of sorts i then pasted this into my message on the forum that i was composing and it turned into a OneBox style popout with a UID style Code for the embedded post image while closed which concerned me but nothing major however the “First Share” Badge Has yet to be awarded.

Did I Mis-Use The Link ?? as this is a confusing badge

Any Idea’s ???

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How long has it been since you shared the link?

FYI for other lost on this terminology, image

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My understanding is that this badge is awarded only after people start clicking on links with the appended ?username.

I’ve also found this badge to be a bit confusing because I think it’s intended to reward people who share externally, e.g. on twitter, and draw in new people to the forum. But I mostly use it internally to link to other topics on the same forum.


@tobiaseigen, That’s exactly how it works - for external links. Our forum is a private, by-invitation-only site and we also use it to cross-post to other topics. No one has received the First Share badge here.
@PhantomR1982, You won’t get a shared badge using it internally. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I always thought that was for a specific version of when I looked at the post. I have been deleting that out of my links for a very long time. Now I know better. Thanks. :wink:


If you grab the link from a specific post, then your link will take a user to that specific post. But if you grab the link for the Topic, then the user will be directed to the first post in the topic. Your username in the link is how Discourse will “credit” you as having shared a link (externally). Hope this helps.


Thanks. That was always evident. And with DiscoTOC using anchor links is also something I do often. :wink:


Hiya @osioke

At the time i wrote this request it had been 2 hours gone before i thought about asking here so checking the post it has currently been 6 Hours as i write this reply since i used it and most badges have appeared within 10 mins so thats why i was wondering.


Its Not a Usual Share Icon that im used to anywhere else But Thanks For Correcting My Terminology for Others To Understand :blush:

As Tobias and JimPas said above:

You’d only get awarded the badge after people click on the link when shared outside the community. I’ll be closing this topic now as your question has been answered. Feel free to start another one if you have some other Discours-related issue.