What is the rule for "First Share" Badge?

Hi! In my community, this badge is not clear, because we don’t know the rule.

I supposed that this badge appear when people share any post with the “SHARE BUTTON”, for example in Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.) or when people send an email.

But, I tested sharing the post, and the badge doesn’t apear inmediatly. So, I need to know the exactly rule for this badge.

By the way, please help me with any link to documentation about Badges Discourse. Thank you!

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For me, the best “documentation” is to go to
Admin -> Badges
and look at the query used.

Of course being familiar with tables, table fields, and SQL query syntax will help you to be able to read the queries and understand what they do.

As far as “immediately” what you should look at is the badges “Trigger” setting.
There are various “immediate” triggers - eg. topic created - but the trigger for the First Share badge is “Update daily”. I’m not sure when “daily” happens, but I think it is midnight.


The queries for badges generally run once per day. So the new badge doesn’t appear immediatly.

Look in your Sidekid/scheduler to see when new jobs will run, https://your.forum.domain/sidekiq/scheduler

This is my sidekid

as you can see the next badges will be awarded in about 9 hours


Thank you @Trash !!! Perfect response!!!

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