Nickname collision

I’m working on setting up a new discourse instance and found that I can’t use the same username @larry that I’m using on Meta even if I try to register with the same email.

Upon further investigation, it seems that there’s already another user with the same nick:

Is this a bug? I was under the impression registering on Meta reserves your nickname…

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It does seem to:

Right. It does for some. It didn’t for mine.

@larry, did you create a standard username/password account? Log in with Facebook, Google, etc.?

The username reservation isn’t quite “released” to the public yet - you need to enable enforce_global_nicknames and fill in a discourse_org_access_key, which are not being given out yet.

Basically, this means it won’t work on sites that aren’t partnered with the Discourse team.


I created a standard username/password account.

Right. My inability to create a username on my discourse installation was my own problem - I bootstrapped a new docker container but forgot that the postgresql database was stored outside the container, so my user already existed. Apologies for the confusion!

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Continued here: