No categories -- tags only?

Can categories be removed or hidden entirely? I’d like my site to rely only on tags, as I’m running into issues where the same tags end up in either parent or child categories, and moving to a tag-only setup would eliminate confusion.

Thanks in advance!

Not that I have seen you could try making one category and adding all the tags you need that way then allow filtering of tags

This is how we do it at Quemuse. We use CSS to hide every single aspect of categories. As well as configuring site settings to omit categories as much as possible. The only category that has to remain up is uncategorized and make it the default one.


You know that I’m familiar with quemuse and blinqer, as I’ve asked of you your willingness to share CSS previously. Being that you do not want to share (I understand), and I’m struggling with CSS, I figured I’d ask the community at-large for their thoughts. I wasn’t sure if this was done only with CSS, or if it could be done another way.

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So what you want is for everything to be in a single category and then use CSS to hide that the category exists?

It appears that will work. If so, then yes. The goal would be to offer an experience that categories don’t exist.

I think that if you delete or make unavailable all of the categories and see that ‘uncategorized’ is available you’d have that. You might need to hide some tag stuff with CSS, I guess.

But it sounds like your next question will be “how do I add a tag to every topic in a category”, which I think you can find if you serach.

I’m looking to accomplish what has done. I’ll keep on keepin on!