Enable tagging only in some categories


(Tom Wrench) #1

This is looking good @neil. One thing that would be good relating to this would be the simple option to ‘enable tags in category’ option in the category modal.

In my use case I only want tags (and specific tags at that) to be able to be used in specific categories. E.g. in those categories where I don’t want tags enabled I wouldn’t want the tag input field to be shown to users. Is this doable?

Restrict tags to specific categories
(Neil Lalonde) #2

It’s probably doable, but I have to focus on completing some other tag features first. Will have to come back around to this one later.

(Keith) #3

I would love to only enable tags in certain categories as well - bookmarking this thread to keep an eye on the discussion moving forward

(Pad Pors) #4

I think this is currently possible in the way that you can define tag-groups and you can configure category setting in order to use that tag-group.

do you mean something else?

(Tom Wrench) #5

Another feature that would make sense related to this:

If tag filter is enabled, yet only certain categories have tags availble using the ‘Tags that can only be used in this category’ in category settings, I believe the homepage (both the main category, latest and top) pages should have the tag filter disabled by default.

I.e. only when digging down into the categories/sub-categories with tags allowed should the tag filter be shown (showing the respective tags available).

Otherwise from the homepage (whether that be categories or latest), you’ll get a whole bunch of tags in the filter, often without context as they only have context when filtered inside their respective categories.

Does this make sense?

(dtbaker) #6

Keen to test this out. Am I able to grab some code somewhere for this? Cheers.