Homepage Category/Latest Topics view with hidden sub-cats

I have been giving some thought to the obvious clutter on my homepage due to sub-categories. And yes I know I should be trying to convert to tags. However I have a very aged usergroup probably averaging around 55 and they don’t like change. So for now at least it’s sub-cat city.

My suggestion would be to have a setting for the default category/latest topics view that would change this:

To this: (so basically just hiding the available categories and allowing their selection from the main forum page)

Adding a “Hidden” option to this setting might be a simple solution. Which of course made me just wonder if I can hide them via CSS for now. Still… a setting might be nice. :slight_smile:

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Adding .category-list .subcategories {display:none;} to the CSS seems to do the trick without mucking up other .subcategories divs elsewhere.