No chance to change the notification email

Hi there, after searching a while here in the forum, I have to create a new thread. I have strange issues regarding the notification email. On the installation, I’ve added an email address which is not supported from my email server and I try to change this email address now.

  1. I changed the email address in /containers/app.yml. But after restarting the container (./launcher restart app) I see in the logs that still the old email address is used to send emails: 553 5.7.1 <>: Sender address rejected: not owned by user someone. The change did not applied.

  2. I read that I can find the setting for the notification email in the Admin Area of the UI. So I thought: “Okay. Seems to be in the database”. But in the admin settings, I cannot find a setting for “notification email”. Just not exists.

I’m using the version: 2.9.0.beta9. It’s the version that automatically installed following the official guide.

Is there a reason why changing the notification email does not work and any setting not appears in the admin area?

Thanks a lot for your assistance!

Changes in the app.yml usually require a rebuild to pick up.

The environment variables are the exception, you can resolve the above with

./launcher destroy app 
./launcher start app

Stephen, you’re a legend! Thanks very much. That worked :slight_smile:

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