No content displayed on front category page after upgrade

Hi guys,

I just upgraded to 1.7.0.beta8 via automatic install and although the upgrade seemed to have gone well, the site now comes up with a blank front page. That is: The header is visible and so is the settings panel, but there are no posts and categories displayed.

All content is there (reachable via het search menu and the “hamburger” menu).

Under “Basic Settings” I had the “top menu” set up so that it displayed the categories first.

Any thoughts as to what could have gone wrong and how to get the front page content back?



This is how it looks (notifications menu expanded)

Can you try loading your site in Safe Mode?

Hi Joshua,

I tried your suggestion and got into safe mode with all three options enabled. Alas the site still comes up blank.
Anything else I could try?

This is the site’s URL:

I’ve also tried to reset the default language to English (It’s normally set to German) but that doesn’t make a difference.

I have this same problem after upgrading I’ll try to provide more debugging info as I look into the issue. The content is also missing in Safe Mode with everything turned off.


Disabling my “customize” styles and html did not help to show the content on the front page.

Same here. It was blind luck I found the Basic Setup:top menu reset button. It seems to be working now. It appeared to just change the order of the items slightly.

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Yep, same workaround found here. I had the Categories page as the first one. If I change it back to having Categories first, it is blank again. Going to the Categories page works okay if it isn’t the first one.


I also now see nothing under bulk actions from the main page. If I “select all” the bulk actions popup says how many are selected but no other actions are offered?

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Same here @ryantm.

Thanks @mntbighker for the workaround.

Probably this should be a separate topic. I see the same problem.

Too bad you can’t add the “bugs” tag.

I could put it in the bug category though.

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[Update: Topic moved to bug category by thread starter]

Sorry about that. It was broken for default categories page in master. I have a fix building now that should be in tests-passed shortly:


Thanks @eviltrout. It’s good to know that a fix is on its way.