After Recent Upgrade to 1.08? beta - No forum shows

My forum at has been working fine for a year or so. This morning I upgraded to 1.8.0 beta (I’m pretty sure that’s the latest) and I saw no errors during the upgrade. Now, however, I see just my custom css/html in the my header, etc. and no forum and I can’t get into admin (or I can, but I just get my header and footer)

How do I debug this and get my forum operating again?

Your forum working fine in safe-mode. Looks like one of your plugins causing the problem.


Can you share the list of non-official plugins you are using?

For reference, here’s the #howto on safe mode:

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Thanks for the quick reply, yes, I narrowed it down to:

- git clone

Should I submit a bug report there? From a couple other posts it looks like something in this release broke a few plugins though…

Report’s already filed: