No error message by clicking on document link in notification mail

The following case:

  1. An user receives a notification email about a topic containing a link to an uploaded document.
  2. The user isn’t logged in yet.
  3. He clicks on the link to the uploaded document.
  4. Now he get an empty page without any hints what to do, an error message or something else, simply an empty page.

The user should at least be redirected to the login page, like if he clicks on the “View Topic” link in the notification email.

Maybe this isn’t a bug but I didn’t find the exact setting to get the wanted behaviour. I looked e.g. at “Customize” / “Text Content”.



Can you repro this @techapj? I assume this is only an issue if “prevent anon downloads” is set in site settings?

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Yes, that is true. I can only repro it with setting prevent anons from downloading files enabled.

Should I go ahead and replace blank 404 page with our generic error page? PR here:


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