No "Leave this personal chat" button on desktop

I chat with six users no “X” button to close the chat box.


On Mobile:
No close “x” button at all


Thanks for reporting! We’ll add this to our list to get sorted out.

We should have fixed this with @chapoi as part of other fixes few weeks ago. :+1:

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Platform: Mobile, Google chrome.

Description: No “Leave this personal chat” button on mobile

Reproducible steps:

  • Click on the chat Icon at the top of the discourse homepage on your mobile :iphone:.
  • Click the + button to start a new personal chat.
  • Select your recipient and send a message.
  • Click on the < (arrow back) button to return to the general chat page.

Expected Result:
A close button X, should be available to close a personal chat.

Actual Result:
Users can only add to their personal chat but can’t close them, which may result in many less critical conversations being left on the chat page.

I can no longer reproduce this bug on a desktop as it’s working as expected :+1: , but it persists on mobile :pensive:.


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