Allowing more than 3 replies in a row

I see this is more recent thread, I had posed questions here - 3 reply limit is more limiting in trial mode - #3 by codinghorror

Unless there is a bug in (2.9beta4 5109ea0cf1) - this effects existing users and is preventing valuable users posting valuable content.

Discourse is preventing users post - not a good look.

What is the resolution to this - can it be effectively configured ON/OFF at least site wide?

Or, is it a bug?

There’s another admin setting for max consecutive replies which affects how many times a user can post in a row. Would changing that help in your case?


Works! Thanks. Many thanks.

Why I could not find it is because I did search but missed it, either search “max” to find for exact match phrase, “max replies” was not turning it up for me, “replies” but somehow I missed it.

Set to 0 to override. Seemed to work.

Busy forums trip over this default setting almost instantly.

Again many and much thanks.

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