No oneboxing in category/tag/groups desc?

I tried to onebox a youtubevideo and a soundcloudpodcast in the category description. It did not onebox. It got ignored.

The purpose is to let the user get a good overview of the category quickly by showing an introductory video and soundfile. A title, a few words, a video and a soundversion. Should also work for group and tag descriptions.

Can it? Should it? Is it intentional? Is there a setting?

Thank you for discourse.


Did you paste the URL on a new line?

Yes. It works in the post that is used for the category description. But not in the categorybox.

What do you mean by that?

But I have the desktop category page style=Boxes with subcategories. But even when I change it, it does not onebox.

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That might be by design tbh. The team can answer that for you.

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