No received mails in new Discourse installation


I have setup new discourse installation in Linux server.
Why I don’t have any received mails?
How can I sent a mail to this server?


Alao I can’t understand this :frowning:

2. Pushing emails via the Discourse API

Alternatively, you can push emails to Discourse via the API. For that, you will need

  • To check the manual_polling_enabled site setting.
  • A master API key or an API key associated to a staff member.

Then, to push an email to Discourse, you need to pass the raw email content as the “email” parameter when POSTing to “ /admin/email/handle_mail ”. The endpoint accepts application/json (recommended), multipart/form-data , or application/x-www-urlencoded request bodies (with an appropriate request Content-Type header, naturally).

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Why would you have received mails? If you haven’t allowed “Mail In” or “reply via email” and set up the polling (either POP3 or manual) then Discourse will not receive mail. It only sends mail (via mailgun if you’re using that).

The instructions here: Set up Reply via Email Support ✉

Are very helpful for setting up reply by email.


@BuddhistBookClub I have checked " email in" and reply by email enabled. Also followed that link to setup pop3 in gmail.


You should be able to see why emails are being rejected by Discourse. Click on the hamburger (top right) to access the Admin Settings page, select Emails and then chose the “rejected” tab. That will show why it is rejecting incoming topics emails.

I set this up for the first time yesterday, here are a couple tips based on what I learned:

  1. Ensure the email sending the new topic is using an email address for a user that has appropriate permissions to post a new topic by email. (Trust Level).

  2. Ensure you have set-up a custom email address for the category. You do this by changing the category settings. This email address needs to be the replies email address you created on gmail a unique +NAME for the category, so, for example it should look like: NAME FOR CATEGORY[at]gmailcom [where[at] is the account you created and setup in the POP3 posting)

If your problem is related to the reply to a post by email, you can only do this, I think, when replying to a notification of a post via email. So, your test account needs to have received an email from your forum and then you reply to that email.


See Straightforward direct-delivery incoming mail