No "Sign up" buttons on the "Welcome! Let's create your account" modal

I have a new deployment of Discourse that I set up to use alongside Wordpress and I must have done something weird because I can’t see how to sign up - if I come in as a new user I see Sign Up and Log In buttons and get the Welcome! Let's create your account pop-up but there are no buttons on it.
Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 15.46.55

I assume this is because of a checkbox somewhere in the administration system, probably because I’m trying to set up Discord as a DiscordConnect SSO provider for Wordpress, but I can’t find any explanation of what is causing it. The logs are empty and so is my browser console. When I inspect the pop-up I see this:

<div class="create-account-login-buttons">
            <div id="login-buttons" class="hidden ember-view"><!----></div>

Clearly that’s the spot where the login-buttons would be, but they aren’t in it. I can send invites from the administrator account, but I’m a little worried that if that gets signed-out I’ll never be able to get back in again…

I’m sure this is a common problem for newcomers, so apologies, but I couldn’t find anything on a search (probably because all the words in every search I tried to frame are very common in conversations here) so I’m reduced to asking.

My guess is you’ve disabled enable local logins.

Check the first 10 settings or so in Admin - Settings - Login and revert them back to default if they were changed.


There it was, I knew it was going to be a top-level n00b problem! Thank you.

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