No warning before destroying draft when composer is minimized

not sure if this has anything to do with the new composer, but it seems that drafts (both posts and topics) are not saved anymore if I press the close button here:

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That one seems like a bug to me. The X functions like the cancel button (destroying the draft) but does not have a confirmation dialog warning of this.


That’s the way we originally designed it, as I recall, so not a bug. Our thinking was once you’ve minimized the composer you’re in experienced user mode and shouldn’t get a lot of extra nag dialogs.

I wonder if, when the composer is minimised like this, the button should change from an icon to text; something like “Discard” would make it clearer what this is doing. Yes, you’ll probably only make the mistake of clicking this once or twice, but it’s unlikely to be a happy experience when you do. :wink: By changing it to text, you can still avoid having nag dialogs.

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I was just thinking that but you beat me to it. I do agree that adding another confirmation makes it kind of a lot — at that point you’re collapsing, clicking the x, and then confirming.


I can confirm this is not a regression but think this is inconsistent, Cancel nags, X should nag as well. It is quite easy to hit X by mistake.

I have pretty much never hit X on the composer minimized and intended it to throw away my draft.

I actually oppose to that unless we add a nag, cause you are making the click area even bigger at that point increasing the chances of a “X” by mistake.


True! I’m actually a believer in getting rid of as many “are you sure” prompts as possible – as research has shown, no-one reads popups – in favour of “undo” opportunities. So perhaps discarding the draft (whether or not this button includes text) could then show a banner at the bottom for 5-10s?

Draft Discarded. Undo

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Also a giant fan of “Undo” but that would now make this a much more giant change to make for pretty much an edge case.

Edge case being:

  • I just typed a bunch of paragraphs
  • I was on the fence about throwing them away, so I minimized the composer
  • A minute later I clicked X cause I decided yeah … I really should throw my paragraphs away

I think the more common flow is:

  • I just typed a bunch of paragraphs
  • I decided they are pointless
  • I hit cancel
  • I get a nag

I first would like to get a sense of how real a problem this is, versus imagineering based on an imagined problem … I need to hear stories from people who actually lost their work. Because there’s two actions you need to take here:

  1. minimize composer, already rare
  2. click the tiny X at far far far right

Not opposed to a change, per se, but I don’t like doing work speculatively.

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The tooltips were atrocious, it said: “hide or show the composer panel”, which is 100% incorrect for when it is collapsed.

So I fixed the bad tooltip, and also added the nag cause it was a trivial change. If people complain about the new nag I guess we can revert to a non naggy X.

Next up, fix the atrocious tooltip when I hover over blue 1 or green 1