If title has been added, composer should only be minimised, not terminated

If I have typed a title, added a category as well as maybe a tag, and then I click the minimize-button of the composer 07

…then it actually doesn’t save any of my progress. I’ve run into this quite a few times and it’s very unexpected, especially because we’re using an icon that in no way says “terminate”. I’m fine with termination when no data (or just category/tags) has been entered, but otherwise it should actually minimise, not terminate.


Mmm I agree.
But, this is a bug, or feedback isn’t it?

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More like a feature, as I believe the old version of composer behaved that way too.


“Draft in progress” only works with any text is typed in message body. :wink:

Add this topic to this post: Help us test a new composer style cc: @awesomerobot

Right, this predates any recent composer updates; so this would be a new feature. At the moment for a post to be saved as a draft, it requires body content.

I imagine it’s simpler to just look at the body content because it covers new posts and new replies equally, but I don’t see a reason why we wouldn’t also save titles? A good title certainly takes some effort, and it would be annoying to lose (I wouldn’t care as much about categories/tags, personally).


The workaround is to make sure you enter some text in the body, just a placeholder text should suffice.

But I agree it is surprising and unfortunate to lose the title you typed in… this would only apply to new topic draft, of which there can only be one, ever… perhaps you can take a look @neil?


This is done. Titles will be saved in a draft even if there’s no body.


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