Nofollow complex behavior?

(Evgeny) #1

I’m not quite sure how the nofollow tag is used. For example, I have created different messages in different sections and some have a tag, while others do not.

Open category testing:

In private messages:

This on this forum: t/97895

Depending on the level of trust, the privacy of the sections, the behavior of the tag is different?

Addition. Hmm… I do not understand. Here likewise there is no tag.


On my forum this should not be due to TL

But in fact


P.S. perhaps this is a bug that is somehow related to tl3 links no follow?

Looking for examples of some nice customizations (I want my community look pretty;))
(Evgeny) #2

And yet I will return to this issue. Why, even if you selected this option, does not add NoFollow to links hosted by the administrator? Administration does not fall under these global rules?

On the forum (meta) perhaps the option is not included. And participants with a trust level of tl3 nofollow is not added. But in my forum I turned it on. And this should apply to everyone, including the staff group.

(Mittineague) #3

A link having the nofollow value is based on this:

Whether or not Trust Level 3 members have enough “trust” to post only “valuable” links would depend on the forum and its members, the setting is configurable to allow for this. But surely Staff members should be trusted enough to not abuse non-nofollow links, no? It could be argued that if you don’t trust a Staff member then they probably shouldn’t be a Staff member.

(Evgeny) #4

I have this setting enabled. Why group staff is deleting noffolow?

Only for a group of staff. In the translation then it is necessary to add: does not apply to the staff group?

That is, the behavior of the staff group regardless of this setting?