User page website is not followed for trust level 3

So I’m placing this under support, as I’m not sure if it is intentional or not and all the topics I found didn’t exactly cover this.

Admin Setting: tl3 links no follow is unchecked

I’m TL 3, and the Website link listed under my profile is marked as “nofollow”

If I put the link in the About Me, the “nofollow” is removed correctly for the link in the about me (on both the activity page and the user card), but the website link is still nofollow.

Seems like a small bug, but I think it makes sense to remove the “nofollow” on the website link too (so long as it abides with the Admin Setting).


The follow means post bodies only. Not opposed to what you are describing but this is a feature request.

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This might be really easy if you want to take it @techapj.


Okay, done :sunny: