non-Persian numbers in <li> of a Persian forum

after the new common mark have been installed, the list numbers are becoming English in our forum which is Persian. that is:

  1. if you want to start a numbered-list, you should first change the language of your keyboard and type the number and switch back to Persian. this is needed for all the numbered item in a list.

  2. after you have created your topic, the numbers in the list are shown in English. there’s no way to select the numbers and change the font, or at least I couldn’t find any div regarding the numbers.

can anyone hint me what to do? (the first problem is not that good, and make users to escape from creating numbered list).


Can you apply CSS to give it list-style-type of arabic-indic

.cooked ul {
   list-style-type: arabic-indic



Thanks Sam , with a slight change it worked for the css:
.cooked ol { list-style-type: arabic-indic ; }

for the input part, where users need to switch to Persian/English to add numbers and text; before updating the commonmarks, one should only add the first number, and then add - for the rest of the numbers. but now all the numbers should have been written.

I think this is a feature for markdown-it, Marker character change forces new list start. Meanwhile is there any shortcuts (or tricks) I may have missed in the way one can use this numbered-lists in markdown-it without explicitly inputting all the numbers?

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Why not persian?
list-style-type: persian

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Sure, if that is a supported browser option … why not.

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