Not able to delete sub product

when I tried to delete my testing sub product, nothing happened after I clicked “yes” in the confirmation window, error showed on console, the plan and sub product already set to invalid.

there’s no subs on my testing stripe account either

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Heya Rick, just to confirm - did the subscription successfully get deleted on Stripe, but not get reflected in Discourse?

If you refresh the page in Discourse Subscriptions, do you see the subscription removed?

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I’m not 100% sure for the stripe subs deletion, the picture I took is from this stripe url: Stripe Login | Sign in to the Stripe Dashboard
no subs was there and I’ve deleted the one I tested before in this page.
on discourse I refreshed and even re-login, still nothing changed after I click “yes” in the confirmation window.
from the console it seems error came from admin-plugins-discourse-subscriptions-products-index.js

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Just confirming that this is helpful, we have this prioritized now and will get it sorted over the next few weeks. Thanks for raising it.


To add to this, I can also see the issue, the products seemed to be removed from Stripe, but not from Discourse.

admin-plugins-discourse-subscriptions-products-index.js:19 Uncaught TypeError: e.destroy is not a function
    at r.didConfirm (admin-plugins-discourse-subscriptions-products-index.js:19:1)
    at r.didConfirmWrapped (dialog.js:156:12)
    at B._run (backburner.js.js:840:1)
    at B._join (backburner.js.js:819:1)
    at B.join (backburner.js.js:629:1)
    at l (index.js:81:1)
    at index.js:118:1
    at d._triggerAction (d-button.js:117:25)
    at (d-button.js:87:21)
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Thanks for the report. We’ve merged the fix, you should be able to upgrade the plugin to receive the changes.


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