Not able to search for words with 2 letters

Hello dears,

I am not sure if this is a bug…
Or maybe something that I need to fix in my settings…
Or even if this is the expected behavior…

I am not able to search for words with 2 letters.

For example, i remembered i saw this post in my website (about AM or UM).

And i tried do do a search for it - UM or AM - and no results.


It works if I do a Search like this: “UM or AM”

It’s expected that 2-character search terms will not work by default, there’s a site setting called min search term length that you can change.

Searching for “or” and other common words like “the” won’t work regardless of length because they’re stop words. These are words that are so common that they’re likely to appear in the majority of posts, so they’re ignored when searching.