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I came here because I got a notification from the Lost Ark Forums that I gained a ‘Level’ that allowed me to FINALLY TALK IN THE FORUMS. But it seems that hasnt happened on your end. What is this program thats blocking me from accessing a different website??

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Every forum works as itself. They aren’t connecting to each others. Same thing as with e-commerce, where software doens’t matter.

If I now understod what you are asking.


Hiya @OddOtter! :wave:

If you got a message about gaining a “Level”, it likely has to Discourse trust levels, which you can read all about at Understanding Discourse Trust Levels.

First of all, congratulations! It sounds like your moving up in your community. :slight_smile:

As @Jagster mentioned, each forum site tracks it’s own trust levels. Which means that you would need to ask the folks running each site about how it works there.

Taken all together, it sounds as if you may be experiencing a different issue, accessing one of the sites you visit. :thinking:

Is there a specific error message you are seeing when trying to interact with a community you joined? Also, you could contact someone from your community (such as a moderator or admin) to ask how it works on their site. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Sadly no. It doesnt help. Especially when those admins have not responded to any of my messages. (I messaged 6 different individuals…)

It is YOUR SERVICE and YOUR RANK SYSTEM yet you have zero control or understanding of how the levels are affected on other servers?

Same level setting used for ALL accounts is granted yet mine continues to be locked. It must be on your end seeing as im constantly directed here.

How long have you been waiting to be granted the trust level?

By the administrators? You should tell them to come to us. They’d probably be able to provide more information, especially since you’re just a regular end user, right?

I was granted the Trust Level days ago. Ive been contacting the admins but they seem to not want to even look at my messages. So the links send me here questioning why theres a level system needed to even use the forums.

If you have a problem with a specific forum, you MUST take up that problem with that forum - we have no control over how individual forums are configured or administered and there is no point complaining about it here.

If, however, you receive a notification that you can post but you cannot, that’s something we ought to fix.

Please show screenshots of the notification and the error you receive when attempting to create a topic or post.


Thats the funny part. YALL WONT LET ME DO ANYTHING. I cant get notifications for not posting if I DONT HAVE THE BUTTONS TO DO SO.

THIS is what my corners look like. And yet everyone else has that arrow. SAME BASIC LEVEL.

The details of specific restrictions on users’ posting permissions is something you need to address with the Lost Ark forum owners directly. They have likely configured additional restrictions beyond the defaults. We cannot help you here.

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Heres a just now photo. Still cant reply. Again. Same Basic Level that wont allow me any access and directs me here.

Are you able to send a PM to a moderator of that forum and address the issue there?

Yes but ZERO responses from them. So I have to go to the makers of the system thats affecting me.

There is nothing to be gained by repeatedly complaining here, nor is there anything we can do to assist. You must contact the forum administrators for assistance.

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