Not allowing moderators to view flagged messages

Is there a way to restrict flagged messages viewing to admins only?

I’m fine with admins being able to check private messages in case of a problem, but I’m not comfortable with all our moderators being able to view flagged private conversations.

In our community, most moderators are just volunteer helpers and not people under a stricter contract, so because of the GDPR and other privacy concerns, I would prefer not to give them this ability.


If you don’t trust your moderators, you could make them TL4 instead?

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I trust our moderators to monitor and deal with problems on the community, so I want them to have access to posts that are flagged… just not private messages.

After opening this topic tough, I saw that assigning specific categories to moderators shows them flags on those categories only and no messages — which is what I was looking for.

I’ll mark this as solved.


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