Not getting confirmation mail due to .tk domain name

I executed them in the putty terminal and now it says a lot stuff and when I scroll down it stops,

You have to use keyboard’s arrow keys to scroll up & down.

That’s weird!
Your setting look correct and still there is nothing logged in elasticemail.
has the email landed into your spam folder just by chance?

ps: your discourse emails go into the “updates” tab of gmail

No there is nothing in my inbox either (updates, ads and whole inbox)

Assuming that you have verified your domain at elasticemail already, maybe try following this guide to verify if everything is working as expected and your server provider is allowing you to use port 2525 for SMTP

Ehm, verified domain?

Yes, Exactly this. You need to add your domain here and create necessary records for it through your registrar. without that, it is really tricky to send emails.

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The domain like to get to the website is that what it means?

Just click on the add domain button above, enter the same domain as you configured in discourse for hostname. follow their steps unless all the checkmarks turn green and then try to resend the email.

it says domain not vaild

Then contact them. they may be able to help you with this.

Ps: .tk will always land you into trouble.


Discourse will use the domain name of the forum. Easiest to configure mail service for if that is the forum address.

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That wasn’t the case actually. He is using a free domain (which is very popular among spammers) and hence, emails aren’t going through.

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So this will be pretty hard and unusable to use a .tk (free domain)?

I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone but the free domain extensions like .tk, are often seen being used by wrongdoers. I’ve never been able to send an email that may have delivered successfully through my .tk domain which I earlier used for testing purposes. It can be that the email providers have blocked most common free domain extension for some reason, more details can only be provided by their support as overall, it looks like everything is working fine except email and that is dependent on 3rd party. I may have advised you to use a local postfix server or something but that isn’t the official way to install discourse and requires some expertise.

the best that I can suggest is that you try installing discourse on a proper FQDN and if this issue still persists, contacting your hosting provider and then email provider to diagnose the issue.


Is there any email servers that allow free domains (.tk, .cf)? Talked to Elastice they didnt.

Probably not. If there were, they’d be used by spammers, and then anyone who delivered them would look like a spammer.

If you don’t want to purchase a domain name, then you’d need to get hosting from someone who’ll provide one for you.

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For example if my friend have a domain with .com, .org, .me is it just for him to point his DNS to my Ip for the forum?