Not Getting Notified From Personal Messages


I am a user on The Infinite Flight Community forum and lately, I have not been receiving notifications in my Notification Box about new Personal Messages. To see if I have any of them, i now have to go into my profile and then to my Personal messages to see if there are any new ones. Was just wondering if this is just my device or are there other reports?



There have not been other reports of this - I’ve received PMs in the last few days and was notified.

To clarify, are you talking about PMs where you are a specific recipient, or group PMs?

They are Group PM’s.

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Well that changes things. What notification level do you have set for the group? Make sure you’re watching the group inbox if you wish to be notified. My guess is that you’re only tracking the inbox.


Well look at that, that did it! :slight_smile: thank you very much for your help!

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