Not receiving email when new user registers

I configured my forum to require approval for new user registrations using the setting “Staff must approve all new user accounts before they are allowed to access the site.” My user account is both and admin and also a moderator. When a new user registers, I do see the notification badge indicating a new Review is ready, but I do not receive an email notification. The email notification is important, because I am not manually checking this forum frequently enough to approve new users in a timely manner. Is this a bug or is there a setting I have overlooked?

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What’s showing in your Email log? Do you see anything suspicious in the “Skipped” section of Settings → Emails?

Will setting the moderator inbox to Watching generate the email you want?

No, nothing in the email logs.

I’m looking for this moderator inbox but I cannot find what you are talking about. Could you please provide a URL or more precise description?


(I’ve edited the proper link in)

You may need to use a PC, as the Watching/Tracking box isn’t there on mobile

Separately, there’s also the pending users reminder delay minutes which may be useful to you:

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I did not find a Watching/Tracking control anywhere on the moderators group settings using a full browser, but the pending users reminder delay minutes site setting solved the problem for me. I set it to a low value.

Thanks to each of you for helping me solve this.


I’m glad you got it working. :+1:

I may have given you a duff link for how to Watch the moderator inbox. I mainly use my phone, and I’ve gotten used to not seeing the ‘Tracking/Watching’ option - but I’ve hopped onto my laptop for a screen shot:

And the actual link to get to that was:


(I think you also have to be part of the Moderator group too, rather than just an Admin)

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