Would like to be notified when a new user registers when 'must approve users' setting is on

We are soft-launching our forum and currently have the users set up like this:

When a user logs in, they need to be approved. But I (admin) don’t get any notification when a user signs up. This is a case where it’d be really helpful if that feature were implemented.

Had a few users hanging around waiting for me to approve them, unbeknownst to me.

I just tried adding me as a moderator to see if that does anything (do admins need to be explicitly set as moderators for any reason?)

Moderators (not admins) will get an email when there are users waiting to be approved. The job that checks currently runs every 9 hours, which seems way too long. Some other options could be:

  1. Send one email immediately when a new user registers. (very aggressive)
  2. Once per hour send en email If there are new unapproved users since the last time an email was sent. (less aggressive)
  3. something else?

OK, well I’ll see how it goes now that I’m also a moderator. Is it just email notifications? or does it go through the speech bubble notification system?

Perhaps best would be to notify immediately through the normal notification system, and let the user’s (moderator’s) normal email preferences determine how frequently they get emailed.

Actually yes, it’s a normal notification. It will use their preferences already. (What was I thinking?)

But I still think that creating a notification for every new signup could fill up moderators’ notifications lists and send way too many emails on a busy site.

I’ll report back after I have some more experience with the feature as its currently implemented!

It sure would at a busy site.

We were getting around 2K registrations a day before we put anti-bot measures in place.
Now it’s more like around a hundred a day.

A hundred is a lot less than two thousand but I sure wouldn’t want that many emails in my inbox to deal with on a daily basis.

So, we’re actually live now and using this. I think you’re right, 9 hours is too long. We are just keeping a tab open on Pending users and refreshing it for now…

Eventually, we are going to turn off the setting to approve users anyway, but it would certainly seem better in our case if the notifications were as immediate as other ones, like getting a like or a reply on a post.