Not redirecting to forum after successful SSO logon

I have a link to my forum in the header of my WordPress site, with SSO configured and working. If I click the link when logged on I go direct to the forum, as expected.

If I am not logged on, I am redirected to my custom logon page, also as expected. However, after logging on successfully I am returned to my home page, instead of going to the forum.

Is this expected and, if so, is there any way to configure such that the user is taken to the forum after successfully logging on?

I am logging on with a valid account, since if I click the same link in the header I am taken to the forum, without being asked to log on.

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I had this problem as well, I had to add this to the end of my url /session/sso?return_path=%2F and then it redirects properly.


Ah - right. That rings a bell from a separate thread here last week. Thanks for the reminder, @davidkingham. That said, it’s not working for me yet but I’ll troubleshoot a little more, since this could be user error at this stage.

Thanks again.