Notification levels (Watching, etc.) - All descriptions incorrect for Private Messages

(Jerry) #1

The four different editable notification descriptions for private messages in Discourse have the following names

  1. js.topic.notifications.watching_pm.description
  2. js.topic.notifications.tracking_pm.description
  3. js.topic.notifications.regular_pm.description
  4. js.topic.notifications.muted_pm.description

However the private message /t/ page is picking up the “normal” (category) topic descriptions which are:

  1. js.topic.notifications.watching.description
  2. js.topic.notifications.tracking.description
  3. js.topic.notifications.regular.description
  4. js.topic.notifications.muted.description

Easy to miss this, but it does lead to very confusing descriptions for users of private message notification settings, which are really important.

Could this please be fixed as soon as possible?


(Jerry) #2

You can kind of see this in action on Discourse itself. Whilst most notification level descriptions have been written to (sort of) cover both and therefore are quite confusion, the muted one is clearly inapplicable.

For a private message is says:


However, “it will not appear in latest” doesn’t make any sense, since private messages never appear in the latest topic list…

The problems are more severe with properly customised descriptions of private messages vs categories…

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Sure, we should try to fix the PM case cc @sam.


Fixed in:

Thanks for reporting @jerry0 :slight_smile:

Notification levels (Watching, etc.) - All titles incorrect for Private Messages (Part 2)
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