Notification Menu -- Old Notifications

We implemented the new notification menu and sidebar yesterday and observed some irregularities:

  1. Old notifications from years ago show up in the notification menu;
  2. Even after user dismissed all notifications, the old notifications stay within the notification menu. The old notifications do not show up on user’s /notifications page, however.
  3. When we click on the old notification via the notification menu, the old notifications stay on the notification menu.

I couldn’t find threads reporting this bug. Quite a few of our users are reporting the same problem. I would appreciate your guidance!

This does sound a little off. I don’t suppose it’s magically fixed itself overnight with one of the background jobs that ensures consistency? :crossed_fingers:

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Are these notification highlighted in the menu with a different background color (i.e. unread)? If so, this is expected after enabling the new notification menu for the first time because in the new notification menu, unread notifications are prioritized which means they’re shown first no matter how old they’re. Once they’re read or dismissed, they should revert back to their old position in the notifications menu. However, as Jammy said, this doesn’t sound right:

After dismissing, do the old notifications remain highlighted in the menu? Or have they lost their highlight but are still stuck at the top? Does this persist even after a full page reload? Are there any errors in the console after the user clicks the dismiss button?

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Yes. They stay in blue. I clicked each one of the notifications, yet they persist within the notification menu in blue. They are all the same type of notifications – flags – at least for me. It seems like they disappear after I have responded to the flags. Any ways for the flag notification to go away after I have viewed the notification?

Yes they still persist.

No error shown.


Oh that makes sense. Flags are currently a little different than the other notification types in that they remain highlighted until they’re handled by someone. It’s on the roadmap to improve this so flag notifications in the notifications menu are marked as read for the user once they’re viewed and to also add support for dismissing them. We’ll let you know once this is implemented.