Users getting notifictations from long ago

I can’t replicate this, but it seems likely that it’s a bug.

I ran an update about an hour ago on a old and busy forum. It seems that many users are getting badge notices for getting likes on very old messages (I got a couple myself and almost never post on the forum).

I’m not quite sure how to debug or how to stop the flurry or notifications

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Are they old Unread notifications that have floated to the top of the new user menu? That’s been a recurring theme with the swop over so far. If so, would dismissing them clear everything out and let people start from fresh?


I’ll convert that to Spanish and post it there to see. Thanks for the tip.


Was the previous version below 3.0 ?

Can you dig into the database and see if they have been created recently, or are they old and are you only seeing them now?

Was the forum ever created by an import? It reminds me of Yikes. Hundreds of PMs sent after category change


No. I think it was 3.1.0.beta3.

Glancing at my badge notifications, they were awarded long ago.

I told people to click “Dismiss” and call me in the morning.

It was an import, but I don’t think anyone has moved things around.

My current best guess is that they didn’t notice these notifications before (but weren’t they the same just 2 beta releases ago?) and if they click Dismiss it’ll be OK.

Thanks for your help.

I moved this to support . Had it been earlier in the day yesterday I’d have done more to try to figure this out, but they were all yelling and I was about to quit fo the day. It was minutes after the upgrade (why did I upgrade so late in the day? :person_shrugging: ) so I thought I’d post in case it was something we should worry about.


Hello this problem still happens to me. I wasn’t aware of this topic so I created this 20 days ago Notifications are coming again even after reading them

It suddenly started appearing after an update. For 20 days I disabled all extensions, downgraded one version and tried everything but no luck. And in our case clicking dismiss will not resolve the issue. It persists and keeps notifying user of old posts like 5 days ago 7 days ago. Even after you read them it pops up again.

Did you resolve this issue anyhow?

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