Notification thumbnail should get colored

I swear, I’m not stupid but it took me many notifications to understand the type of notifications I’m getting.

I’m suggesting to color the thumbnails.

Reply : blue
Like : red


What do you think ?

How would colour help?

When opening a notification and the heart is red, you don’t have to take a look at it. because you know it’s a “like” notification. But when they’re all gray, you need to invest some ms to know what the notification is about.

Here is my process of reading the notification :

I click on the numbers.

First thing I see is the link of the topic then I wonder 1 second : What’s with this link ?

Then I look at the thumbnail of the notification.

Few ms, I know what it’s about.

With colors, I would only care about the link of the topic because the color would give me the answer of the type of the notification.

I hope I was clear enough.

Why don’t you try it on your instance by customizing some CSS? :wink:


Sure, I just thought that you’d think about including it into the next release. :relaxed:

Actually… red sticks out so you click it and then your eye draws directly to the red heart which in turn is distracting.

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It doesn’t have to be red you know. The color of active “like” in topic would do the job.
Anyways, please keep this opened I will post a comparative screen shot.

If you don’t think this is better, I will just do it on my instance.

Yeah, sorry, not a huge fan of that, I understand your intention but I think it is distracting.


Thanks for your feedback.

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for aesthetics purposes this is cool :D…

Personally, I already find the colored heart icon in my Profile Notifications page somewhat distracting.

I can understand how adding color would provide an additional visual cue, but I wonder how difficult it really is for someone to learn what the icons represent. AFAIK they all have tooltips that indicate what they are. And with experience it seems most would soon learn what the different icons signify whether colored or not.

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