Notification to flagger(s) when a flagged post is edited?

Surprised to not see this or any past topic on it:

After a flagged post is edited to be fixed and remove the flag, it seems to me to make sense to offer (a setting probably) for those who originally flagged to get a notice about the new edit.

For one, it would let them see that the update is done just to continue the discussion now that the problem is fixed. But if the problem isn’t fixed, it would give the flaggers the chance to flag again so people can’t just do inadequate edits to make flags go away.


Yes, as I mentioned there, this has bugged me for a while. Any thoughts @eviltrout based on your current work? Perhaps you have more actual flag data to look at with that work?


I probably don’t have time right now for it, but I did see @gerhard is working on some minor flagging improvements. Perhaps he could do it while he’s in there?


I didn’t add a user setting. I think it’s better to wait and see if it’s even necessary to add yet another setting.


Cool :sunglasses: so this notifies all flaggers on a post when the post was edited and unhidden? I’ll need to try this out and edit copy, etc?

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Yay! I agree that a setting may not be needed, as long as nobody ever has the desire to turn this off (I know I would never turn this off).

Should be obvious, but the message content should be some mix of encouraging flaggers to check that the edit is okay, flag again if not, and otherwise go ahead and continue the now respectful, productive discussion if the edit fixed the concerns.


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Currently there is no additional copy. It uses the existing “edited” notification.
For example, @alice will receive the following notification when @bob edits a hidden post flagged by @alice.


There are a few conditions for you to receive that notification:

  • The flagged post must be hidden when the edit happens. So, if you are the only flagger and the post is never hidden, you won’t be notified about the edit.
  • The edit must cause the post to be unhidden. It won’t notify when the post stays hidden after the edit.
  • The author must edit the post themself. It won’t notify when the post is edited e.g. by staff.

Thanks, that seems potentially adequate (certainly least work).

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