Reset flagging permissions when a post is edited?

(Wolftune) #1


  • User A posts something
  • User B flags it
  • mod disagrees with the flagging
  • User A edits their post

I think it would make sense to allow User B to flag the edited post the same way they’d be allowed to flag a new post. Editing a post should generally clear flags but also clear flagging permissions so it can be addressed readily from there.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can you repro this @jomaxro? I can’t recall, but do we generally prevent re-flagging by the same person on the same post, even if it has been hidden, then un-hidden via editing?

(Wolftune) #3

That’s not what I was saying above. And there isn’t even a bug, just a question about what the appropriate UX should be.

My non-priority request was only to discuss the suggestion for a situation where a flag was disagreed with (which is the situation when someone is correctly barred from flagging again). I.e. the flagging was not valid. Maybe it makes sense to allow flagging again if the post is edited (even though the flagger flagged wrongly earlier).

But I now see this as so much of an edge case, probably not worth doing, questionable anyway… I won’t mind if this is closed, although there are some good arguments for the suggestion, there’s also reasons to stick to things as is (which means no work to do).