Notifications are coming again even after reading them

Hello, I am using 3.2.0.beta4-dev version (self-hosted) and at this commit. After the updates users have started experiencing double/triple notifications on the UI. (I am talking about Discord UI not e-mail etc.)


Even after you click and read, the notifications sometimes come back. I am having those issues as well. I don’t know how to troubleshoot this or provide helpful log. I wanted to share this maybe if this is a global issue or on my instance?

I suspect that’s a ram issue, how much RAM does your discourse instance have?

I’m assuming you mean ‘Discourse UI’?

Okay but this server has been active for almost 2 months, this issue didnt appear before. Right now on my server we have 4 Gigs of Ram and half of it is empty. 2 Gigs of swap is empty as well.

I am thinking maybe the update did it but maybe the extensions did it. I am not sure. I guess next step I am going to take will be disabling all the extensions and see if it helps.

Yes I have included a picture in my first post. I mean Discord UI notifications.

I have disabled bunch of extensions and still the problem persists. Any thoughts or is it possible I can downgrade to the 3.2.0.beta3-dev version? Thanks.