Notifications disappear for some users due to plugin

Sorry for bringing this up once again, but we are in production and this bug has been reported by forum members several times, yet we’ve been unable to fix it. I’ve explained it in previous posts, which were moved to specific plugin discussions, but seems like it’s a major bug, not a plugin.

Basically notifications for some users disappear. Once they receive some, it gets fixed, but then after a refresh, they disappear once again and it will only show the loading animation.

Disabling all plugins, official and unofficial + rebuilding did not fix the issue, as well as switching back to the default theme, with all Components removed.

This is specific to your install, not a bug.

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Yes, but I guess as developers, at least one person could help us fix it. Since it’s not a plugin, component or a theme issue, I’m not sure what else we can do. I’ve contacted a developer and we were advised to turn to you, since you know better how this system works.

Do you mind sharing how you’re hosting discourse?
Any reverse proxies or cloudflare etc that may be interfering with the message bus?

@itsbhanusharma DigitalOcean, using the official installation guide. We’ve been in production for 3 months now and never faced any issues until a few days ago. Obviously, removed all plugins, we’ve also tried going back in time with a backup.

Still unable to fix it. It’s just notifications disappear from /u/name/notifications for some members, therefore their notification won’t load in the toggle. Once you close the toggle, you can no longer click on the avatar. I’ve been using the impersonate function. It works for all new members. We’ve also tried spamming a test account with notifications and that fixed the issue as well, but didn’t work for others.

Edit: And we are not using any reverse proxies. Simply DigitalOcean + MailGun for emails.

Are there any Javascript errors in your browser’s console?

Are there any errors that could be related in

I’ve sent you a private message.

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The issue was that some users have notifications coming from an uninstalled plugin.

Re-installing the plugin should fix it (if it doesn’t, removing all the plugin-related notifications from the database will).


That fixed the issue! Thank you again for your time and amazing support!

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