Users can't check notifications

A few users on my forum are unable to use the notification dropdown. I thought it was maybe a device thing, or something based on trust levels, but I used my test account (trust level 1) I use to see things from the end user’s perspective from numerous devices and browsers, and it worked fine.

However, then I used the “impersonate” feature on one of these users, I couldn’t get the notifications to load from their perspective; when I click the hamburger menu, it does drop down, the spinner just endlessly loops, though the little blue bubble next to the avatar in the header indicating there is a notification is present. Is there anywhere I can look so I can troubleshoot this and/or tell where it’s coming from? I’m also on the newest version of Discourse as of writing.

You can check your browsers console, or go to your sites logs. (

EDIT - Try enabling safe mode, and see if you (when impersinating these users) are still unable to load notifications.


Are you running any third-party plugins? Is this a new Discourse install, did it ever work correctly?

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There was just a new update to Docker Manager, and so I updated that. I also got ride of the ProCourse Installer plugin and now users are reporting that it’s functioning again. So it was likely one of those two things causing the problem.


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