Notifications on mobile for Discourse Hub app

I’ve downloaded the discourse app to my iPhone but don’t seem to get any notifications when my community tags me or sends me direct messages. Does anyone know how to get this set up? I went into the app on my iPhone and turned on badges, etc. But it’s still not happening. Thanks!


Hi Rose! Welcome to Meta.

The Discourse Hub app on iOS only supports push notifications for Discourse sites hosted by the Discourse team. From the app description on the App Store:

  • Real time push notifications for officially hosted Discourse forums

This is due to the way push notifications work on iOS devices - we need a certificate from Apple, which must remain private, and thus can only be used by sites we host. You’ll still receive notifications, but only when the schedule on iOS runs, not live. For live iOS push notifications on non-hosted sites, check out Pushover notifcations.


Bear in mind, Pushover is a 3rd party (paid) app to deliver notifications to your iPhone. Aside having a plugin built for Discourse that delivers notifications through their app, we don’t have a relationship with that particular notification service.


@Dani1 References for apple users,

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Could self-hosted sites get their own certificate?

How do we check the schedule on iOS? What settings must users have in order to get mobile notifications?


Not for use with the DiscourseHub app, no. We all want this, sadly it’s not possible right now.

At the moment it’s not possible unless you want to pursue your own app. The true solution is for apple to allow browser notifications. That way your user can receive native notifications on their device in the same way Android users have been able to for years.


Yep, Stephen has it. You’d not only need your own certificate but your own app as well. Which would be specific for your site.

Not an ideal situation, Apple is the problem here.