Account rejection email

In a ‘Must Approve Users’ setup, is there a solution for automatically sending an email when a pending user is rejected? Optionally, with a reason or custom message would be nice.


Hi, second this. Is there any way to let the users know that their registration is rejected? Because as it is right now they get the message saying it’s pending and will be reviewed by a moderator… and being rejected, nothing else happens. An option to “reject and send rejection email” would be nice to have.

I am not sure. What do you think @eviltrout? Maybe it should be an explicit action to send though since bad news should not be automatic.

I think it’s a good suggestion and maybe we should put it in the next release.

It would definitely have to be optional though - many people get really upset when they hear that they’ve been rejected and it’s much better to not let them explicitly know.

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