Notify group using share>notify feature

The feature to notify users through the share button in the topic controls is very handy! It would be great if the same could be used to notify groups too instead of having to @mention them. Is it possible to get this feature?

Using this:


I was just about to post this as a #feature request too.

It would be very helpful so as to push out a notification of a specific post of a topic without setting the whole group to watching for the Topic (via either a @mention or tag watching)\

At the moment my rather ugly workaround is to create a new topic with watch first post active for the relevant users and then moving it after a short while to the Topic that it should be living in.

Just wanted to add my support for this feature. I was hopeful that I could just use a comma-separated list of usernames in that “notify” box, but unfortunately, it sounds like I must search for each user individually. :sob: